Serge Smulders: Wedding at hunting lodge Beukenrode, the Netherlands.
A first try with the TR-01C

As a wedding photographer in and around Doorn (The Netherlands), it doesn’t happen often that I end up at a location I’ve never been to. But Daan and Lisanne managed to find a location I had never seen before. The Jachthuis Beukenrode, we had never been there with our team. But what a cool location that is in ‘Doorn! Because Daan’s parents live in Leiden and Daan insisted on leaving his parents, we didn’t take wedding photos of his getting ready. But of course we went to Lisanne to take great wedding photos of the getting ready! The mother of the bride was of course also there to help with the dressing. And just look at the photos, do you see the bride shining?”

“This day I also had a secret as a wedding photographer in Doorn. I am a friend of Disnet, an importer of various camera equipment and I was allowed to try out a completely new design light tripod from the brand Fotopro.

By the time of this review, the tripod was not in stores yet, so secret it’s so cool that as a photographer you can help with the testing of products. As a wedding photographer you need different equipment to take the most beautiful pictures and this time I was allowed to test a light tripod.

This tripod is used to set up a flash and this tripod has made a lot of meters today 🙂 Wow, I’m a big fan It is a light weight tripod of less than 900 grams, super compact, easy to carry in the supplied bag and you can also take the punishment of the bag use to hang ballast on it so that your tripod stays in place. What surprised me was that the moment you set up the tripod that it is super sturdy, unlike many standard light stands.

As a wedding photographer, compact, light and sturdy are the most important elements in a good light stand tripod – and this fotopro TR-01C carbon light tripod deserves a 10 out of 10 from me.”

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Serge Duursma: “FotoPro X-Go Max, a super tripod!” (The Netherlands)

“I have been testing the tripod for a few weeks now, and I must say that it is a very nice tripod: it’s compact, easy to carry and easy to handle, lightweight, simple and quick to slide in-and out. And above all it’s super robust!
I had no problem to mount a heavier lens on it, like my 70-200mm f/2.8. While some other tripods bend slightly under pressure, this one remains rigid and stable. The supplied head, the FPH62Q with Arca Quick-Release, is easy to operate and works flawlessly. It does not have a ‘fine adjustment’, but because it can be set so smoothly, I have not missed it for a second. The standard tripod plate connection makes it possible to connect the tripod collar of my Irix 150mm Macro or the Smallrig L-plate directly, so that no mounting plate is needed…

With a maximum height of 172 cm, it is sufficiently high to be widely usable. Even when it comes to a low camera position you can use this FotoPro well; by mounting the head at the bottom, a height can be achieved from ground level!”

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