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Product Description

The Fotopro FT-100 Macro Focusing Rail gives you the ability to precisely adjust your camera fore-or-aft when shooting macro photography. With this rail you can easily take multiple photo’s for stacking, or nail critical focus on macro photography.

The QR clamp at the top is Arca Swiss compatible, and locks down with a screw-knob. The focusing rail itself has multiple 1/4″ female mounting points, and is itself a Arca Swiss compatible size plate; so you don’t need an extra plate with this Macro Rial.

The CNC machined 6061 all-metal aluminum rail holds a maximum weight capacity of 7kg, but may hold less weight once the angle of the rail is changed.


  • Size: 211×59×38.7mm
  • Weight: 320g
  • Holds up to 7kg.
  • Universal Acra-Swiss dovetail groove
  • Dedicated FT-100 Head for Macro photography
  • All-metal structure: Aluminum alloy 6061
  • Sandblasting anodized oxidation technique
  • Macro shooting accomplishes precise focus and steady adjustment
  • Double macro head realize three-dimension adjustment
  • Each turn of the knob moves head 14mm
  • Adjust swiftly with 1mm minitrim
  • Graduation : ±90mm(180mm)

In the box

  • 1 x Macro Rail
  • 1x QR Plate